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Plastic Raw Materials - HDPE, LDPE, PP

Recycled LDPE Granules
Posted On : Apr 06' 2015    India
  We are importer of recycled LDPE granules ( Film Grade Natural). Please give us the pictures of the same and rate for 1 20ft container CIF, Kolkata (India)....

Plastic Scrap HDPE,LDPE and PP Mix
Posted On : Apr 02' 2015    India
  We want to buy plastic scrap like HDPE, LDPE and PP mix. Please contact us with your best price with product details....

LDPE Granule
Posted On : Mar 18' 2015    India
  We want to buy 100 mt of LDPE granules per month film grade virgin or recycled. Kindly contact us with your product samples and price list as soon as possible....

High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Posted On : Mar 10' 2015    India
  We have requirement of High-density polyethylene (HDPE). Please send sample of your product along with best price. ...

LLDPE Pullvarised Powder
Posted On : Feb 02' 2015    India
  We need 50/60 tons LLDPE pullverised powder for export please quote the CIF Dar Es Salaam best price. Your prompt reply will be more appreciated. ...

Polypropylene Plastic
Posted On : Dec 26' 2014    India
  We are one of the leading company in south India and interested to have off grade materials PP copolymer PP homo polymer HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET. Please quote us price and product samples. ...

Plastic Scrap
Posted On : Dec 15' 2014    India
  We are manufacturer and traders of plastic items. We have a regular requirement of : (1) PP natural injection molding grade in regrind or granules form. (2) HDPE pipe scrap piece-100, piece-80 (3) UPV...

HDPE and PP Crate Plastic Scrap
Posted On : Dec 09' 2014    India
  We need a scrap of plastic crates and chairs in bulk quantity. If you are capable to supply these products, please contact us as soon as possible. ...

Posted On : Dec 04' 2014    India
  We are Pune base trader of agro and non agro product. Currently we are having requirement of HDPE and LDPE of pure Grade. Kindly send us product samples and price. ...

Hdpe, Ldpe And Pp Random Injection Grade
Posted On : Dec 02' 2014    India
  We are Manufactuers and Marketing Agents for PVC Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Paint Pales, Plastic Chairs etc. We are looking to buy HDPE 50MA 180, LDPE 16MA and PP am120N etc....

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